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Tenet of Value and Trade!

Things that cost nothing are worth nothing.

A healthy body costs the time and effort invested into exercise and preparation of food. A powerful mind costs the hours invested into reading and study. Many costs do not require money to pay, but money gives a numerical value to everything on this planet for the ease of trade.

Money is the tradable currency of knowledge and effort.

Money’s sole purpose is to place a numerical value upon knowledge and effort for the purpose of trade. A law student trades money to a school for the knowledge he requires for his career. The knowledge a lawyer gained from her teachers is traded for money, which in turn can be traded for other people’s knowledge and effort even if they do not require the services of a lawyer.

Things of value are never free, for if they were free then they would be valueless.

If the Illuminati has no need for profit, why not simply give unlimited money to any who ask for it? Why are the Testaments available to order when our organization can afford to provide copies to every citizen for free?

A house is more valuable than a handful of sand because of the effort and materials required to build it. Sand requires no knowledge or effort or materials to build, therefore it has no value.

There is value in the words of the Testaments, but also value in the trees that must be cut for the paper, in the workers who must create the designs and layouts and illustrations, in the ink for the printing, in the packages for the delivery. Hundreds of human minds with decades of experience go in to every element of the Testament’s production — while some minds merely sit on the sidelines, complaining of the costs to print, design, package, and deliver to their doorstep. While the Illuminati has no need for profits, we also have no need for people who cannot see the value of things that are not free.

Money means nothing to those who print it.

The Illuminati does not accept donations or membership fees of any kind. We require no tithe nor monetary pledges.

Our wealth

Money means nothing to those who . print it.

The Illuminati’s financial foundation is based on liquid assets and various assets around the world, with income from several other sources. The societal replacement of physical money with digital finance – the digital bank where money is considered a number rather than paper or stones – has made unlimited funding available simply with a keyboard. A number of our operations cost nothing due to our unique relationship with influential agencies and business leaders, which further reduces our need for financial resources.

Our wealth

Where real effort is made,real wealth is given.

A careless person with little will do worse with a lot. Those to whom little is trusted and who use it for good may receive more. Our organization helps each volunteer member with the tools necessary for success and offers assistance to those who display their dedication to the improvement of humanity.

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